To be free from the office is my only possible salvation, my primary desire.
– F. Kafka

(Alas, bills don’t pay themselves)

We are Xavier and Simon.  We live in London (UK), and over the last decade we have travelled extensively around the world because we absolutely love it – so it’s just as well that we are able to continue going places whenever we can.

In 2014 we took six months off work between November 2014 and May 2015 to go on a trip around the world and we created this blog to keep a personal record of it – mainly as a sort of newsletter for family and friends, but also open to anyone who may stumble upon it and feels kind or bored enough to read it.

Some time after returning from that trip we thought it would be fun to add others to this blog as well, and decided to start including more specific details about how to get from one place to another, transport fares, travelling times, accommodation, entertainment, and so on, in the hope they are of some use to those looking for travelling tips and/or inspiration.  Your comments and questions are very welcome!

X and S in Argentina

Follow Xavier on Twitter for additional commentary and photos of each trip – or just search in Twitter for: #xavierinthailand, #xavierinargentina, #xavierinmexico, and so on – you get the gist.

All media in this blog © Xavier González | Simon Smith unless otherwise credited. All maps from Google Maps, also unless otherwise credited.

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